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About the Team

Over the last year and more, the Roberson Project on Slavery, Race, and reconciliation has methodically tracked down most of the names on the donor list in order to evaluate the extent of their investments in the property of enslaved Black women, men, and children. We have scoured census documents, archival records, and published materials from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

The Founding Funders project is led by Dr. Andrew Maginn, Senior Research Associate for the Roberson Project. Research on this project was conducted with the assistance of several student researchers, including Tanner Potts, Silas McClung, Klarke Strickland, and Carrie Shupack. The digitizing of census data was conducted by the Roberson Project’s 2022 Summer interns: Carrie Schupack, Plum Champlin, Sofina Behr, Lillian Holloway, and Callista Abner.

Research on the “founding funders” of The University of the South is ongoing, and we consider all of our documents to be living. As the Roberson Project continues in this exploration process, we would love to get your thoughts and insight.